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With plant based in Ndola, Gourock Plastics provides superior plastics (Film) products in generic market as well as manufacturing industries, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering quality product, outstanding customer service and greater value.

We started this manufacturing plant in 2005 and in these seven years we have increased our production capacity by more than 200%. currently we have the installed capacity of 5000 MT per annum various polyethylene products. We enjoy more than 30% of market share for the whole Zambia in PE film (printed and unprinted combined). We supply generic products like clear plastics, carrier bags, clear and black sheeting, etc to the wholesalers in and around Zambia. For manufacturing industries, we design tailor made products to specifically meet their expectations. We supply printed balers bags, FFS films for water, milk and candle packing, shrink films, printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, Garbage bags, etc. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively providing great customer satisfaction.

We have recently started manufacturing PET preforms and bottles which we are supplying to various water, oil and soft drinks manufacturers. Currently we are doing about 1500 MT per annum of PET.

As far as technology is concerned, all our machines are top of the range and produces high quality products with minimum supervision. We have highly qualified, experienced and very professional management to guide. We have always set ourselves very high goals and so far not only we have achieved those goal, but we have surpassed those goals.

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